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We are warning you not to consider this company for employment or for service......

Bad employer/Management...they don't know how to give good service and manage business

Bad attitude of professionalism

Bad staff...Their staff will not listen to any comments or suggestions or concerns from other people...

They will not allow you to grow in your field...They don't consider health and sickness of employees

Bad training... they don't know how to make good investigative report...

Bad service...they are just good in collecting money for themselves.....Any issues regarding client complaint will not be entertain or address properly

They don't pay the right salary, unexpected deductions will be deducted to your paycheck. Overtime and holidays are not paid properly.

Do not recommend to anybody

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada #951766

We have used Regent Protection Services Ltd for five years now in most of our Calgary and Airdrie properties.They continue to serve us well and we have no plans to change companies.

I suspect that the alleged negative reviews on Regent were posted by a rival security service that has been trying to undercut Regent in price for some time now.However, we look forward to working with Regent in our proposed expansion to Edmonton later this year.


Is David Baines a part of Regency?


I use Regent for emergency coverage and additional building patrols during the winter months.The staff are very attentive to our needs and have guards on site quickly whenever we require them.

The patrol officers are very thorough and they send us reports directly from the wireless laptops in their patrol Jeeps. Recently, a Regent patrol captured a vehicle theft from our site with its dash camera, and the thief was caught soon after by the police.

Overall, I have nothing but good things to say about Regent and its first rate service.

to David Baines Okotoks, Alberta, Canada #1271407

I havent seen any dash camera used by any of Regent's mobile car....too bad


We use Regent Protection Services Ltd for our patrol requirements.Recently, the regent mobile supervisor found one of our employees unconscious in a stairwell and immediately gave First Aid after calling 911.

Thankfully, she has made a full recovery since.

Regent's patrol service is outstanding, as they check every area of our building and find maintenance & security issues that other companies seem to miss.We have no intention of giving up this great company and its outstanding service.


I cannot praise Regent enough.I am a senior property manager and oversee a large portfolio in Calgary and Edmonton.

Although we use several security companies across western Canada, Regent Protection Services Ltd has provided us with a standard of service that is far better and more personable than much larger companies.In spite of the negative posting here, I have absolutely no complaints about Regent's excellent management and uniformed staff and I will continue to use them for the forseeable future.

to Mark Harris Calgary, Alberta, Canada #913674


to Anonymous Dallas, Texas, United States #1022322

We have used this company in 15 of our downtown building in Calgary since 2010.They have worked closely with us to ensure that they provide the right staff for the right buildings, and Regent management are always available to speak with 24/7.

The recent switch from uniforms to suits and name tags went very smoothly, and we will be taking full advantage of Regent's newer services in 2016, namely live video monitoring for our industrial properties.

to Simon MacAllister Calgary, Alberta, Canada #1271408

While you gave positive comments on this, please talk to the employees.They have problems with duty hours.

They were not allowed to talk vacations as what ive learned from one of the employees. I talked to one of the employees', they said masterkeys that were lost are not being informed to management or their clients and will just be replaced by another one. This is a serious security issue as they are compromising building security. They just dont want to spend thousands of dollars replacing all door knobs.

I hope that employee of regent is not telling the truth.

but if its true, well you decide guys.And i think he was serious in telling me all of those things during our talk.

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